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** BooksOnBoard ceased all retail operations on April 6, 2013 **
All support and other operations ceased April 30, 2013.  There are no longer any employees with the company.
Getting access to your downloaded books if you change reading devices: for those of you who downloaded your books to your PCs or Macs, you can strip DRM from your books, after which you will be able to readily port them from device to device through drag and drop or other means, without the need for further downloads. There is a great deal of information online about stripping DRM.  (Please be sure to make backup copies of your eBook files in a separate directory before stripping in the event anything goes wrong in your first attempts.) Many of our customers are using Calibre or other tools to strip DRM from their downloaded eBooks in order to have them available indefinitely should they change reading devices. Many argue that this is a legitimate use as long as this is being done for personal use of eBooks purchased, not for piracy.  We are told this is in the spirit of the eBook license and that it is common practice.
If you downloaded directly to iPhones or iPads, there are software programs available that can allow you to port files from those devices to another device.  In the late sumemr of 2013, Adobe had a breach so you may need to go to Adobe and reset your credentials. All of this information is available by online search.
Thank you for your support of our store over the last seven years during which we have pioneered many innovations with our customers, including the first eBooks for sale on the iPhone. Many readers were first introduced to eBooks by BooksOnBoard in the years after Amazon and Barnes & Noble closed their first failed eBook stores. Many popular authors and several small publishers first got traction in the market through BooksOnBoard and its promotions which included the very first successful social media promotions for eBooks. Our team hopes to one day serve you again whether at a revived BooksOnBoard or another eBook venue.  It was a wonderful journey and we are very sorry to see it end.

The BooksOnBoard team